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Lake Blackshear Baptist Church
Church History

In 1983, under the direction of Director of Missions, Troy Sheffield the Executive Committee realized the dream of having a Baptist church in the area of Lake Blackshear. The Lake Blackshear Baptist Church Mission held its first meeting on July 8, 1984 in Hardin Chapel, Houston Camp. The Rev. Phil Streetman was chosen as pastor. He took his text from the twenty-third Psalm on the thought of "Has God Got His Hand on You?".

Those coming forward to become members were Bob Bankston, Evelyn Bankston, Robbie Bankston, Melissa Bankston, Christy Hutchins, Chuck Jones, Cheryl Jones, Sherry Jones, Jack Metcalf, Frances Smith, James Smith, Donna Barber, Donny Barber, DeAnne Barber, Phil Streetman, Elizabeth Streetman, Amey Streetman, Leeza Streetman, Phillip Streetman, Harold Turner, Ruby Turner, Benji Jones, and Jimmy Jones.

The pastor baptized at poolside: Amey Streetman, DeAnne Barber, Benji Jones, and Sherry Jones. The church letter reported an enrollment of 15 preschool/children; 18 youth and young adults; 18 adult and senior adults enrolled in Sunday school - a total of 51; 4 baptisms; 27 joining by letter, making a total of 31 members. Mrs. Celia Allen offered the use of her lakeside cabin for regular Sunday school and worship services until other arrangements could be made for a permanent building site.

Officers named to serve the mission were: Chuck Jones, Treasurer; Sherry Jones, Clerk/Assist. Treasurer; Ruby Turner, Assist. Clerk; Bob Bankston, Sunday school Director; Phil Streetman, Adult Sunday school teacher; Ruby Turner/Sherry Jones, Young People's teacher; Leeza Streetman/Michelle Helms, Little People's teacher; Harold Turner, Minister of Music.

A five-acre plot was purchased, a Mobile Chapel (loaned by the GBC), was placed on the site for a period of three years until a permanent building was built. The first service held in it was on December 16, 1984. Lake Blackshear Baptist Church Mission was constituted as Lake Blackshear Baptist Church in an outdoor service in front of the Chapel on March 3, 1985. The church reported a membership of forty-six, with sixty-seven in Sunday school.

The 1985 letter stated that the Church had a total of sixty-six members, ninety-one members in Sunday school, fifteen in music work, and thirty involved in VBS. In places of leadership in 1985: Pastor, Phil Streetman; Clerk, Sherry Jones; Treasurer, Chuck Jones; Sunday School Director, Bob Bankston; Music Director, Harold Turner; Chairman of Deacons, Pat Teague; Pianist, Ruby Turner. At the 155th Annual Session of the Houston Association, Lake Blackshear Baptist Church was unanimously welcomed as the 38th member of that body.

May the Church continue - with the desire expressed by the Association - to grow in dedication to our LORD's work for "The fields are indeed white unto harvest."